Breakfast bar alternative

Healthy Breakfast Cookies

3 mashed bananas cup apple sauce 2 cups uncooked quick-cooking oats cup skim milk cup craisins cup pecans, chopped cup sunflower seeds 1 tsp vanilla 1 T cinnamon 1 T sugar

Turkey turkey

Taco Turkey Casserole-Extra lean ground turkey package) Low sodium black beans can) Brown rice cup) Taco Bell low sodium seasoning Low Fat Cheese

Breakfast bar

Breakfast Bars

Nigella Lawson Breakfast Bars - have been making these with hazelnuts and macadamias and they are great!

Chilis Chicken Enchilada Soup - Crock Pot - large batch

Chilis Chicken Enchilada Soup - Crock Pot - large batch- need to try. Love this soup at Chilis

chicken thighs

Anniversary Week: Food

Man-Pleasing Chicken: “So Good it Can’t Be Described, Explosion on Your Taste Buds Chicken.” ◾Chicken thighs- 1 package ◾Dijon mustard- cup ◾Maple syrup- cup ◾Rice/rice wine vinegar- 1 tablespoon ◾Fresh rosemary ◾Salt and pepper