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a brown paper bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says, all about me bag
All about me bag
All about me bag - Each child fills the bag with 4 things about them and brings it into school. They can decorate the bag too.
a green tray with straw, sticks and some legos on top of it that are made to look like farm animals
Natalie's Story Spoons
The Three Little Pigs! Story spoons in action! Retelling, children, EYFS, early years, literacy, C&L, communication, play, learning! Natalie's Story Spoons!
an art project made out of construction paper and sticks
Fairytale Craft - Three Little Pigs
a bulletin board with children's drawings on it and the words ten in the bed
Ten in the Bed Classroom Display Photo
Maths display board: 10 in the bed patchwork quilt -can they create a pattern?
Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together (Infographic) #Infographics #yoga #yogainfographic Yoga Exercises, Yoga Positionen, Mom And Kids, Yoga Stretching, Latihan Yoga, Yoga Posen, Easy Yoga Poses, Yoga Positions, Easy Yoga Workouts
Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together (Infographic) #Infographics #yoga #yogainfographic
a yellow board with numbers on it and some white cups in front of the board
Number match with paper cups ≈≈
a black tray filled with lots of different colored dominos
Numicon, gel numbers and glitter! Children used the paintbrshes to practice writing numbers in the glitter and matched the numicon to the numbers.
there are many different frames on the table
Provocation allows children to translate their thinking…
Provocation... from A classroom full of curiosity and wonder (",)
colorful hot air balloons are hanging on the wall in front of a bulletin board that says,
Week 2 Yahoo! ~ Oh, the places you'll go balloon craft
an aquarium in the middle of a classroom
Under The Sea - Aquarium Role Play Area..... This theme is so much fun with lots of crafts to add!
toy dinosaurs are sitting in an old tire bowl filled with dirt and rocks, while another toy lizard is standing on top of it
Miss Matilda's Early Years Ideas.
Early Years Ideas - Small World Play set up in a tyre.
a green tray filled with rocks and plants
Fairy Garden Play Dough - Fantastic Fun & Learning
Fairy Garden Play Dough