Nobody Knows the Bubbles I’ve Seen

Nobody Knows the Bubbles I’ve Seen! Sorry, but if there are these kind of bubbles on your dog during a bath you probably aren't using a dog shampoo.

This is why I love dogs oh to be a Oh nuthin' Just knitting a doggie Corgi


Dog wearing Pineapple Hat - this should be credited to Theron Humphrey as it's his coonhound Maddie

lovely Dobi, shame about the wired ears :(

The Dukester by Joseph Vasquez on Capture Kern County // My 3 year old Doberman. His full name is Duke Skywalker. I probably should have named him Bark Vader instead .

I can't help it, he's so cute!

OMG, fluffy doggie with a mustache and a top hat and a freaking MONOCLE. Leigh I found your new dog! :D