Sketches are amazing and had to be shared.

Not big on celebrity art, but I love this concept. Faces by Vince Low - what a cool way to draw with pen. ive done a similar idea, but never for a face.

Macro eye photos

The eyes have it: The iris pictured in remarkable detail by incredible close-up shots

"Your Beautiful Eyes" by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan is a macro photography series of human eyes. The photos are such extreme close-ups that the eyes take on an almost otherworldly quality.

fashion illustration

That Nerdy Girl, original watercolor and pen fashion illustration by Jessica Durrant

Photorealism Tutorial::how to draw eyes

Eyes are my favorite thing to draw. This is a nice tut. Tutorial - how to draw eyes.

IAN INGRAM "1951", 2008 - Mixed media on paper

IAN INGRAM 2008 - Mixed media on paper- Can't get over this, it looks like the molester moon!

Saatchi Online Artist: thomas saliot; Oil 2013 Painting "Close up teary eye" this picture makes me cry of joy

Saatchi Online Artist Thomas Saliot Painting, "Close up teary eye" Captures feeling so well. When I look at this, my eyes nearly start watering.