Yep. Twitter is on the same level as Facebook.

makes me like people Ive never met and makes me dislike people I know in real life.

Never tie your shoe laces while in Paris! This poor girl thought she was getting proposed too!


That was funny…

That was actually really funny. But I don't like you. Therfore I shall not laugh. All the time.


Photoshop request…

Funny pictures about Need It For Awesome Purposes. Oh, and cool pics about Need It For Awesome Purposes. Also, Need It For Awesome Purposes photos.

Ever tried putting a cat in water? That is some SCARY shit.

Some eCards: Telling an angry woman to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat.

Funny Animals Of The Day - 25 Pics

Before you get out of bed -- something happened - and I love you very much ----- Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics

My first instinct...

'My first instinct when I see an animal is to say 'hello'. My first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it goes away. That's because animals are better than people sometimes.

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