Great Example of drawing on nature to make your own beautiful thing in completely different materials! tinctory makes smocking magical

Fabric Manipulation smocking sample - textile interpretation of the natural surface patterns in shells, textiles design by Tinctory:

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who makes site specific sculptures using natural elements.

I love the natural feeling Andy has gave this picture. He has broken rocks almost perfectly through the middle to create a path. The white layer near the crack also make the picture even more appealing.

Margaret Ramsay - Stunning layers Found on

"Gythion [Greece] Glow" creative textile art by Margaret Ramsay, UK. Challenged to create a narrow quilt with a thin blue line.

Beach Huts Linocut by Tessa Charles

Beach Huts - love this design, colours are nice and boat add dimension

Rough Sea - felt work by Helen Melvin

'Rough Sea' - felt work by Helen Melvin <> (fiber, textile, fabric art)

gruopmusselsweb Heather Collins: Landscapes and seascapes

I get a distinctly calm feeling when I look at these incredible embroidered sculptures of the natural world by fiber artist Heather Collins.

Andy Goldsworthy, Pebbles Around A Hole, 1987

Pebbles Around A Hole, Andy Goldsworthy, Land Art, Installation, Stones.

Button Shingle - Margaret Ramsey

I've been making journal quilts for 9 years now so I was determined to finish the last set for CQ challenge but had to grit my teeth.