Cows in India

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several cows laying down in front of a building with people on the roof and outside
India, Orissa
Cow Park - Orissa
a cow standing in the middle of a narrow alleyway next to a woman wearing an orange sari
Death, Dirt And Cows In The Holy City Of Varanasi
Death, Dirt And Cows In The Holy City Of Varanasi | Carolyn O'Donnell
a cow laying on the ground in front of a pink building with people sitting outside
Rajasthan, India
three cows laying down on the ground in front of a building with a flag painted on it
Access Denied | Ania Blazejewska Travel Photography
India, Jodhpur. Cows resting near the blue wall in Jodhpur, "the blue city".
two bulls running through water with trees in the background
A Quarter of the Global Beef Market Is Actually Indian Buffalo Meat
One surprising fact from the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s new “Meat Atlas” is that India, a country where many people have a religious veneration for cows and a third of the population is vegetarian, has emerged as a major player in the world beef market. Just not cow beef: The star...
a black dog running down some steps
India | Food Travel in India | Culinary Travel in New Delhi, Jaipur, Nimaj and Udaipur | Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures
Don't mind us! cows are revered in India for their life giving milk and dung for the fires. Here, the cows are spared and roam free to forage and take holy walkabouts.
a man is walking down the street with a donkey in his hand and wearing a shawl
Man and his Cow, New Delhi by Padmanaba01. For more information about tours in India with Thrillophilia visit
a brown and white cow standing next to a building Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
painted cow - A cow brown and white with yellow powerder on it, takes a second to look at the camera in Mysore, India.
a cow with large horns standing in the street next to some buildings and other items
Even the cows get henna’d up for Diwali in India!
a group of men riding on the back of a cart pulled by two oxen
India - Aihole, taxi...
Call it an 'Ox'-Ford.. lol...a bullock-cart in India is like a two-cattle-powered taxi
an animal with horns standing next to a wall covered in colorful fabrics and quilts
holy cow & embroidered textiles, jaisalmer
Holy cow & embroidered textiles, jaisalmer
two cows are wading through the water in their enclosure
Cow in water
Cow in water. Cows are kept in the water to stay cool. Cool cows give more milk. Coconut Lagoon, Kerala, India. Under a Creative Commons license when I pinned it.
two brown cows laying on top of a sandy beach next to palm trees and water
Family time
a cow walking down a street next to parked motorbikes and scooters
One of my favourites
Fascinating street scene