Time travel may not be possible in real life, but when you see these amazing photos of time lapse photography, you’re going to wish it was and maybe even believe that it’s possible – at least in th...

"Changi Beach Sunset, by Fong Qi Wei Check out more great photo montages in a series called “Time Is a Dimension” by the Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei.

i chose this image because i like how it captures the different times of day, and the colours look amazing together. there is light getting in, but also in the dark parts of the image, there isn't a lot of light getting in

Fong Qi Wei's Passage of Time

Chiaroscuro -use of contrast between light and dark- photography

Pin is from Angelica Cruz. I chose this photograph because it has a visual cue, chiaroscuro lighting. Chiaroscuro lighting makes the photo more dramatic because it creates an illusion of making it more three-dimensional.

Once again i really like the way the photographer has captured this image. Its really nice because the light that looks like its shining through something is only on the woman which draws your attention straight to her. The dull colours are really effective and show a strong sense of emotion and sadness, this photo makes you eant to know more about this woman and the way the photo has been captured. I really like how effective it is and how much the woman stands out on the dark background.

Emotional Photography by Kalie Garrett


The Shadows – The surreal photographs of Alexey Menschikov