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Make a Mad Eye Moody Mad Eye

Mad Eye Moody Mad Eye - Instructables user KaptinScarlet has managed to make one of the most noticeable props from the Harry Potter franchise with his Mad Eye Moody Mad Ey.

fabric scrap bird wings by lillie. doesn't seem too hard to expand them to my size!

Mom needed this when the only thing I wanted to be for Halloween was a blue bird, a very hard to find costume, but she did a good diy job herself! Tutorial: Bird wings cape for kids

Parrot Handprint Bird craft. I love these hand print craft ideas!

P is for Parrot Handprint Bird craft. I love these hand print craft ideas!

Twelve Crafts Till Christmas: sunday kids' craft: crayon ornaments and gift tags

I'm getting back into the swing of my usual posting schedule . and I'm using the words "usual" and "schedule" VERY loosely he.

rock monsters and other rock painting ideas

20 brilliant ideas and inspiration to paint rocks: love rocks, ladybirds, rock monsters, paperweights & strawberries.

Good Ideas For You | Autumn Crafts

Creative crafts for kids of all ages: Leaf printing. Just paint on a rainbow design of a tree on a leaf and use as a stamp.

cute christmas poems - Google Search

Candy Cane Christmas Craft: Be sure to read the poem! So sweet! Thumbprints make this cute candy cane Christmas craft!

Dirt & Dinosaurs: Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Dirt & Dinosaurs: Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments - salt dough made enough for 3 each of lilys hand and food and charlies hand and foodt

15 Holiday Crafts for Preschoolers

Pinecone Christmas Trees What you need: Pinecones Small pom poms Craft glue What you do: This is one of the easiest holiday crafts for kids. Give each child a collection of small pom poms and glue. Let each child add to create their own holiday tree!

Fall-Leaf-HEDGEHOG - has awesome craft ideas!

Fall-Leaf-HEDGEHOG - This wasn't actually on the site I went to, so it's basically just a picture idea. But I can use the template I found somewhere else to do this craft.