Orchid Tutorial

How to make a gumpaste orchid (should work in polymer clay). (Although the instructions aren't in English, it doesn't really matter as the step-by-step photos are excellent and self-explanatory!


HIBISCUS TUTORIAL - this is done with flower paste (frosting?) - why not with clay? There are other flower tutorials on this site. I can see us all making the petal molds for these flowers.

Bunch of links for sugar flower tutorial

lilac flowers by Hilary Rose Cupcakes and lots of other great photos of sugarpaste flowers on this page.

Gumpaste Flower Bouquet

The colors are pretty, and I like the filler flowers a lot. - Sophia loves flowers as a gift

Teddy Bear Modelling with Karen Taylor

Sugarcraft > Teddy Bear Modelling with Karen Taylor – Squires Kitchen Cookery School