cute cookies for Christmas!

Decorating ideas for ginger biscuits

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Cookies

17 Gingerbread Cookies To Spice Up The Holidays

old-fashioned vegan gingerbread cookies

Our tree is always intake style glass baubles, coloured lights and cotton wool "snow" so I won't put these on...but they are beautiful...

How to decorate Christmas Tree using non traditional ornaments

Gingerbread ornaments - Peggy Porschen page, but recipe & instructions are gone. Still a cute idea, though.

Snowflakes by Peggy Porschen taken from 'Cookies' - pubnlished by Quadrille (£6.99)

Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies by Peggy Porschen.

Edible Christmas Tree Decorations: I couldn’t have Christmas without these, or at least, not happily. Rituals are essential to give us meaning, a sense of ceremony, and making these peppery, gingerbready edible decorations is how I have always marked with my children that Christmas has begun.

Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

Edible Christmas Tree Decorations recipe by Nigella Lawson

A Uniquely Enchanted Christmas Inspiration

christmas gingerbread ornament designs to make in fabric , felt , cork or even dare I say gingerbread folk inspired christmas craft Homemade gingerbread ornaments.

Personalised Gingerbread House Hanging Decoration / Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread men gift tags saying to and frommm!

Christmas Hacks 8 -

A Man Went Exploring In That Small Entrance, And You HAVE To See His Discovery

gingerbread men garland - these would be great using "applesauce-cinnamon ornament" recipe & the gingerbread man cookie cutter .

Turn delicately spiced, iced biscuits into an edible Christmas decoration - a gorgeous gift to give to someone special over the festive season

We love this edible Christmas wreath of spiced gingerbread biscuits, iced just so.