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Doing strange things

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Cats eyes

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Posing Amur leopard

Amur leopard

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Maine coon cats

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Russian wild cat

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Desert Sand Kitten – 8th July 2015
Rare Sand Cat Surprises Everyone with a Special Delivery !
Sand Cats are desert dwellers who can get along with minimal water.  They have specially fur-padded paws to protect them from the hot sand.

Sand cat

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European wildcat

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pussy cat

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Kot pampasowy / Chilean Pampa Cat, Pampas Cat (Oncifelis colocolo)

Chilean Tampa cat

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Jaguar on a tree - Imgur

black panther

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Savannah cat

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Wild cats are always cute. Click here for more adorable animal pics!

Siberian linx

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The Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobita) is a small wildcat found in the Andes mountains. Fewer than 2500 indiv…
Andean Mountain Cat - There is a difference between the coloration in juvenile and mature Andean cats. The markings on the coat are darker on juveniles, especially those on the sides of the body. The markings are smaller and more numerous. This can cause confusion and mistaken identification with the Pampas Cat.
Andean Cat


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Iriomote Cat | Must be a color variation. He’s pretty dark.
The critically endangered Iriomote cat, a subspecies of leopard cat, lives on a single Japanese island.


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Colocolo (Leopardus colocolo)
Colocolo cat. - Buscar con Google


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Kodkod - smallest cat in the Americas
Kodkod - These little leopards love trees, and typically stay in mature forests with many levels of growth. They can survive in agricultural regions and areas of disturbed forest, but they are becoming less common as their favorite forest habitat is destroyed. They are considered a vulnerable species and there are an estimated 10,000 or so species in the wild.
Kodkod:Main Characteristics  Kodkod are the smallest cat in the Americas. They have a body length between 42 and 51 cms (16.5 - 20 inches), a tail length between 19.5 and 25 cms (7.5 - 10 inches) and they weigh between 2 and 2.5 kgs (4.5 - 5.5 lbs).  They are coloured greyish/brown with dense back spots that sometimes merge into stripes, especially on their back and tail.   Habitat  Kodkod are found in the forested areas of western South America


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oncilla tigris

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A rare Flat-headed Cat. Flat-headed Cats (Prionailurus Planiceps) are small wild cats found in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumata. They are classified as Endangered by the IUCN since 2008.

flatheaded cat

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When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words


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23 Animals Who Are So OVER Parenting


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A beautiful cheetah 😍 by @lovejoy_kisali  #wildestafrica


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Infinitiva y divina naturaleza- Juvi
The twins Orya and Okara


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Almost certain , this is a JAGUARANDI!

clouded leopard

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