Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day?

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? Never liked the puddles under the playground swings at school

All my elementary school papers were printed on a mimeograph...I can still smell the purple ink :)

Mimeograph machine - I remember learning how to use one of these! Remember smelling your paper when you got a freshly printed paper? The ink was purple too.

Old School Paper Cutter - health and safety?  You're joking.

vintage photo PAPER CUTTER wooden 13 maple by Sugar Cube Vintage, used this about a million times at school

Hopscotch. Played a lot!

Supplies needed: chalk or sidewalk paint, stones/bottlecaps or bean bags. Playing hopscotch is easy. First, make the paint to create your hopscotch grid.

Blade of grass whistle

Blade of Grass Whistle.this was a riot.until you cut your, I will need to show Grandsons, Grandpa's new whistle

The Rag Bone Man

Blast from the past! "Rag and bone man is a British phrase for a junk dealer. Historically the phrase referred to an individual who would travel the streets of a city with a horsedrawn cart, and would collect unwanted items.

pop-it beads

Women's 70s 80s VINTAGE Jewelry => POP BEAD Necklace

Pop beads - loved these! Anyone remember getting pop / toggle beads from bubble gum machines?

"Going to spend a penny"

"Going to spend a penny" Loud clunk of the lock as the penny opened the door. Problem if you didn't have a penny!

The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton - One of my favourites growing up!

A luscious childhood: Beautiful books for children

Playing conkers before risk assessment was invented

Playing conkers before the pc health and safety consious century style stuck their nose in.use to harden them up with vinigar

Sherbet Pips

White Heaven Sherbet PipsWhite Heaven sweets are made locally to an old-fashioned recipe giving them an amazingly delicious taste. Super quality sherbet pipsat an affordable price, made in the UK.

School toilet paper!!

Who remembers this ? - more like tracing paper than toilet tissue. You would normally find this in places like schools, hospitals and public toilets.