Flashcubes - remember the smell after you used them?

Flashcubes-OMG, I remember these. You push the button to take the picture and the flashcube turned.

Whenever you went to buy shoes, the salesperson always sat on one of these to measure your foot. Yep.

The shoe salesman sat on this and you put your foot on the front to try on shoes at the shoe store. ~~ "The Talking Tree" Childrens Shoe Store

These were always around!  Everybody used them for pencil boxes at school.  King Edward cigar box

My Dad smoked these so I always had an ample supply of empty cigar boxes. We put our crayons in them.

Pomegranetes eaten with a needle!....lol - used to take forever!

Research shows this fruit’s juice has more inflammation-fighting antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Eat some fresh pomegranate or use it in an age-fighting scrub!

Corking! I made miles of knitted yarn

Punniken met een houten klosje - ''Spool Knitting,'' on an empty thread spool

End of sweet rationing in Britain, 1953

Stock Photo : War and Conflict, Post World War Two, Great Britain, pic: April Three London children enjoy the thrill of purchasing lollipops as the Hackney sweetshop well stocked with sweets as rationing becomes a thing of the past

sherbet lolly pops

sherbet lolly pops - green and yellow was always the best. - Got em in our 'Lucky Bags' from Arthurs Store at Nana Gibsons

No wheelie bins in those days !

I remember the bin men coming down the path to our back garden and heaving that heavy metal bin onto their shoulder and taking it out to the truck. Incredible when you think about it now and something you most definitely took for granted back then.

The coal man delivering a sack of coal and emptying it into the concrete coal bunker in the back garden. I used to have to,count the bags of coal,as they were being delivered

The coal man delivering a sack of coal and emptying it into the concrete coal bunker in the back garden. We had to shovel coal into buckets even in the rain to keep the fire going!

Not politically correct now

Dean's Childsplay Toys Golly, British, Every British kid had a golly and I wanted one too - mine was like this with striped blue pants and I loved him. I had no idea where the Golliwog came from…