The Sheffield General Cemetery Abandoned and Not For Use Since 1978 – Abandoned…

The Sheffield General Cemetery can be seen at 293 Cemetery Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The Sheffield General Cemetery opened in .

Building Dreams

im interested in using gothic archways in the set to add to the eerie, dark theme of the play

Vintage 1930s dress // 30s sheer floral dress

Absolutely stunning sheer floral afternoon dress from the late This dress features a low neckline, a fitted waist, and a simple skirt.

An Old Church Under A Dark Sky Northumberland, England

An Old Church Under A Dark Sky Northumberland, England - Simple building, but age brings out such a majestic and ominous feeling in old church's like these.

Always been a fan of a wide legged pant and close knit top , tre chic:-)

Madame Samuel Rochas (Rina Rochas) - September 1930 - Biarritz, France - Photo by the Seeberger Brothers beautiful wide leg trousers

1930s Mens Fashion

1930s Mens Fashion

for male characters men wore shorter ties, single breasted coats and creased pants