Kathryn McCloskey

Kathryn McCloskey

I love reading fantasy books and I love writing so I review fantasy books and the writing courses I've taken.
Kathryn McCloskey
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Focus on what you're doing now not what you're going to do next.

What should I create now?

How to think sideways lesson 5. Define your writing project's needs and focus your story on what is critical, different and fascinating. Write what matters not what "just happens". $4.99  Holly lisle's writing course career survival school for writers.

Writers’ Block: Losing (and Regaining) Writer’s Hunger – Holly Lisle: Writer

How to think sideways career survival school for writers. Learn how to develop your good ideas into great ideas and identify bad ideas that kill your story. Holly lisle's writing course. $4.99

Deeper People: Putting Yourself into Your Characters – Holly Lisle: Writer

Draykon is the story of an introverted woman (who has wings) who finds an interesting gemstone and sells it as jewellery. Demand sky rockets. Then people start dying for it. Read the review at my blog.

Today's Free Kindle eBook: Draykon (The Draykon Series Book shy and retiring Llandry Sanfaer discovers a mesmerising new gemstone, she suddenly becomes

Fight back

This reminds me or riot grrrl feminism and it is great. There is not enough media promoting the unity of girls and women to fight against a system that marginalizes them.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

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Learn how to come up with powerful, exciting story ideas on a deadline and banish writer's block. $4.99.  Holly Lisle's How to think sideways lesson 3.

Novel Pre-Writing Workshop: Better Questions Make A Better Book – Holly Lisle: Writer

The easy way to start writing a book. Learn how to break bad habits and commit to writing your book. $4.99

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