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8 Easy & Affordable Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas


A set of large wooden alphabet stepping stones. Makes outdoor literacy easy. Why not use at lunch times for word hop scotch, or create a letter hunt/eye-spy.

Music Wall Makeover! | Pre-school Play - I want one of these in my backyard!!

let the children play: Simple Play Space Transformations: Sound Makers Ideas for inclusion on music wall


Easiest Way to Dye Rice for Sensory Play

Forest Craft: How To Make A Picture Frame With Sticks @MaryAnn Nesbit I feel like we did this for craft day. And then hung them in the apartment.

How To Make A Stick Picture Frame

Fabulous garage or mechanics roleplay area using Twinkl's display materials.

Mechanics/Garage Role Play Pack - All you need to set up this role play area in your classroom!

Adorable outdoor "construction site" play area

Fun area for boys and all those Tonka trucks and John Deere tractors. Backyard Idea, for sure!**- definitely NOT just for boys, my 4 year old daughter would absolutely love this & play in it every day we let her.

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