10 Most Winning Slot Machines from September 2020

September 2020 was really rewarding for multiple players in several good slot machines. The biggest stars were Money Train 2 that gave 5 times of super winners…
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Dragon’s Fire → $$65,000 Win → The Best of the Best Slot
Dragon’s Fire is the best slot that gave the biggest win of 8179x payout in September 2020. That makes the greatest Win amount >$$65,000
Money Train 2 Made $9,593 Super Win - 5th Win in a Row
Money Train 2 really great example of the most winning slot machines. In September it rewards players multiple times. The biggest on was with 9593x multiplier!
Dead or Alive 2 → 5803x Gave Super Mega Win
How to pick the winning slot machine? Just watch my board with a list of 10 best slots winnings. Dead or Alive 2 is my choice this month!
Money Train 2 Rises Wins (5347x) 4th Time in Sep'20
Money Train 2 proves that slots strategies works! Here, the odds of winning on a slot machine are really fantastic. It rewards with 5347x multiplier and results winning of over $13k.
Money Train 2 → 4218x - 3rd Big Win in Sep'2020
Money Train 2 increase payouts up to 4218x multiplier. You see how to easy to obtain the winning at slot machines!
$$1,859 → Money Train Doubled Big Winning in Sep'20
Money Train had been a star in September. This is the 2nd case of a big win with less than 1$ bet - $$1,859 which is equal to 1859x multiplier!
Fruit Party 2560x payout equals to 18k euro!
Fruit Party has great odds of winning at a casino slot machine. In this case, the slot gave a 2560x payout that resulted in around 18, 000 euro winning!
Choco Reels 1670x - Great winning at slot machines!
See this winning slot video in which Choco Reels gave away 1670x multiplier winning. All the best slots with winning are in my blog ↓↓↓↓
>$50,000 Winning at slot machine Deadwood
Slot machine Deadwood rewards player with 1337x multiplier that made a super winning of >$50,000. If you still have a question - how to pick winning slot machine? - you have to go to ↓↓↓ my blog ←←←
Money Train 2 1412x - Winning slot videos Here!
How to pick winning slot machines? Just go to Money Train 2 that gives extremely high payouts!