Annegret Soltau German artist Annegret Soltau constructs collage using photographs of her own face and body, stitched with black thread, con...

Top 10 Collage Artists: Hannah Höch to Man Ray

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I like this as i think its unusual and captures the viewers attention. It also fits my theme of Power as in this picture the sim card is powering the person acting as a brain.

What do we do to ourselves, to our self-image and confidence, and self-esteem?  Rise above.

Kay Montano(@kaymontano) - Instagram photos and videos

What do we do to ourselves, to our self-image and confidence, and self-esteem? Rise above.e perfectly plucked eyebrows , contoured face .

If you don't know Maurizio Anzeri's work then I really suggest you check them out. SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL.  La Famiglia (2013)  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

Maurizio Anzeri's embroidered photographs make patterns of the past

diane meyer - embroidery on photography- i love this and how she has encorporated this stiching into her work and how she has stuck to the colour scheme.

Diane Meyer's Embroidered Photography

like this combination of pixelated cross stitch with photography © DIANE MEYER - embroidery on photography

Andreas Poupoutsis, Hidden Identities, Digital Photography, 36" x 24", July 2013

Andreas Poupoutsis is a Cypriot Conceptual Photographer/ Graphic Designer based in New York. His photography explores graphic shapes / elements as well as odd and mysterious portraiture.

Spending addiction destroys financial stability, relationships and trust

Personal Identity Self-portraits with sewn-in original documents, birth certificate, SIM cards.