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blue eyes and simple, natural make-up (well... except for the lashes) I would add a tad of blusher to get rid of the 'ghostly' effect....

* For Blemishes: Soak a cottonbud in Visine (or any anti-redness eye drops), then put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. When you take it out, hold it against the blemish for a minute to reduce redness and swelling. Let your skin air dry.

Fancy a red lip for your big day? You need a lip colour that will last! Opt for Benetint, and layer up on your lips. Leave to set, then add more! When you are happy with your lip colour, use a brush to apply benebalm over the top. This will keep your lips hydrated throughout your wedding day! We love this couture wedding look! xx

For a bold and super long lasting red lip, apply a layer of benetint onto the lips. For a more intense color, add another layer after resting for a minute. Add a layer of benebalm to hydrate the lips and create a truly kissable finish!