drawing of purple mermaid gown with flowers on the bottom. #copperdustinspiration

High fashion from flowers and watercolors by Singapore-based Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei (Limzy)

Paper Fashion x NYFW by Erica. "Honestly, is there anything more dreamy than Katie Rodger‘s exquisite fashion illustrations?" http://honestlywtf.com/art/paper-fashion-nyfw/

Paper Fashion x NYFW

{ Fashion Illustrations by Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion } I have been a long time fan of Katie Rogers' work. Her watercolour illustrations are beyond dreamy. Are you familiar with her work? If yo.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion sketches & textile print development; fashion collage; fashion portfolio // Julia Feeney

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Julia Feeney is a print designer and illustrator who creates innovative prints mixing collage and screen print

Fashion Moodboard

I like this board because i feel there is a strong link between the images chosen, the colour palette and i like the split fashion image and the contrast between light and dark

by Shamekh Bluwi

Red, Black & Beige by Shamekh. Simple brush strokes that create such an intricate design make me want to practice more than I already do.