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How Well Do You Actually Know Harry Potter?

Can You Get To The End Of This Increasingly Difficult Harry Potter Quiz? You Got: Congratulations, you're a Harry Potter genius! We bow down to you.

BEST SAVE EVER. the more you watch it the funnier and awesomer it gets

This amazingly coordinated gymnast was going to fall, but no, she made it an extra handstand. Kudos to that gymnast for a awesome save.

Omg....this looks so much fun! Who would you try it with?<<no one because my friends would drop me

The Trust windmill, taking the trust fall to the next level. But look who gently the guy wearing all black sets down that lady's hand.

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10 Hilarious Things To Do In Public funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor stories funny jokes. OMG this is so funny lol

This is worse than trying to catch the red dot

“tastefullyoffensive: “This is a metaphor for life.

People Who Had Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

Wallpaper on Every iPad in Store: This background image was placed on every iPad in the Apple Store. The guy looks like he is either from another planet or suff

Am I a prettttty girl?

Am I a prettttty girl?