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This board contains all of the imagery for my posts on my blog, ok Kate. From beauty to travel to food to fashion, I write about it all alongside lots of other juicy, personal stuff too. Enjoy!

The Ordinary is the buzziest skincare brand around. But some of it can be a bit confusing. Here& a break down of what everything is and what you need. The Ordinary Skincare Review, The Ordinary Peeling Solution, Korean Skincare Routine, Facial Wash, Glycolic Acid, Skin Care Regimen, Natural Skin Care, Body Care, How To Apply

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I’ve been using The Ordinary products for a while now. I picked them up on a previous ...

9 Vegan Cheese Recipes: Cows Love Dairy-Free Cheese & So Should You Images Of Cows, Bio Siegel, Love Dairy, Vegan Cheese Recipes, Animal Agriculture, Dairy Free Cheese, Vegan Quotes, Soy Products, All The Things Meme

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From strange food textures to limited menu's find out why I failed at being vegan and the difficulties I'm still facing by reading this quick blog post.

Be Kind Kate Hudson, About Me Blog, Photo And Video, People, Beauty, Instagram, People Illustration

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5 Weird Eating Habits: Some Weird, Some Wonderful Eating Habits, Weird, About Me Blog, Food Drive

5 Weird Eating Habits | Weird But Wonderful Eating Habits

In the world of work, alike I'm subjected to other people's perhaps slightly "strange" habits, they're subjected to mine. I thought considering some of my weird eating habits have spurred so much talk in the office, I'd blog about them.

Improve Your Room. Useful Tips For Your Home Improvement Project. So you are ready to improve your home. As you may know, there is a lot to consider. You may feel that it's impossible to do your own home improvement proje Birthday Balloon Decorations, Birthday Balloons, Bachelor Pad Decor, Yellow Balloons, Modern Home Furniture, Wallpaper Pc, Birthday Images, Home Improvement Projects, Paper Plates

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Acid reflux results in one of the worst feelings you can usually be controlled. The discomfort and pain can make anyone go crazy. If you have acid reflux, you Weight Loss Meals, Diet Plans To Lose Weight, How To Lose Weight Fast, Weight Gain, Losing Weight, Fasting Ramadan, Low Stomach Acid, Stop Acid Reflux, Afternoon Snacks

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My diet in high school was pretty atrocious. It consisted of alcohol, bacon butties and Chinese takeaways. Although I thought I could each whatever I wanted and I'd never put on weight, the sad truth was I was getting fat and my body was extremely unhealthy. Read more to find out how I developed a healthy diet.

Is Social Media Good or Bad Kate Hudson, Being Ugly, About Me Blog, Social Media, Good Things, Photo And Video, Instagram, Social Networks

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Social media can revolutionise a business and connect people together. It can also lead to reduced productivity at work and cyber-bullying. There are both good and bad implications of this monumental online platform and this blog post will explain how it’s affected my life for better and for worse.

Take Better Photos. Learning digital photography isn't as challenging as you may believe it is since you can easily utilize photography tips which will point you throughout the strategy. Photography Terms, Landscape Photography Tips, Photography Tips For Beginners, Camera Photography, Digital Photography, Photography Courses, Iphone Photography, Better Photography, Sunset Photography

Sony Bridge Camera | Cheap But Good Camera | Cheap Bridge Camera | ok Kate

Looking for a cheap but good camera? When I first started my hunt I was looking at either a "compact camera" or a DSLR. I had never even heard of half of the terms I came across including "point and shoot camera" and "bridge camera". For my budget, I got a Sony Bridge Camera. So, was it worth the money?

Get Extra Cash. Fifteen ideas to get extra cash. Ways to Make Extra Cash. How to Make Extra Money in your spare time with these fifteen ideas. Fast Cash, Make Money Fast, Make Money From Home, Make Money Online, Quick Cash, Online Earning, Free Money, Online Loans, Extra Cash

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Like most people, I dream of being rich, never having to work and being able to afford pretty much anything I want. Though what I would like to buy may shock you (and then again it might not.) So, if I was rich I would buy...

It’s been observed that Popularity of Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale are increasing in the World. In recent years black Friday has became the biggest shopping discount sale day in the world… Boxing Week, Home Based Business, Online Business, Business Ideas, Business Casual, Sme Business, Business Articles, Etsy Business, Business Goals

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Back in college, I heard about a site called Everything5Pounds and it's been a gamechanger for my online shopping. Everything5Pounds does a whole load of cheap but great fashion items and I'm obsessed. So, what's in my Everything5Pounds basket?

Easy Tofu Recipe: Cajun Tofu, Brown Rice and Salad Tofu Recipes, Kate Hudson, Brown Rice, Curry, Salad, Ethnic Recipes, Easy, Blog, Curries

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As I'm venturing into trying more and more vegan foods, it was inevitable that I was going to have to try tofu at some point. This recipe is based on something that my sister started making (with chicken), that I've now copied using tofu. Take a look at this simple tofu recipe: Cajun tofu, rice and salad.

Mine And Tyler’s Movie Night Ritual Kate Hudson, Wall Lights, About Me Blog, Photo And Video, Night, Movies, Instagram, Appliques, Films

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If you’re into films and can never find things to do with your partner, friends or family, this might be your solution. So, what is mine and Tyler’s movie night ritual?

Recap of My Trip To Benidorm (With Photos) Kate Hudson, Seattle Skyline, About Me Blog, Dreams, Photo And Video, Photos, Travel, Instagram, Pictures

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What is the Michigan bar exam like? Here is how a typically bar exam days goes in Michigan, and tips on how to reduce bar exam test day stress! Orientation Post Bac, How To Lower Stress, Computer Science Degree, Le Management, Vestibular, College Application, Student Success, Academic Success, My First Year

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I often get asked why I didn’t go to University, particularly by employers, my past teachers and mutual ...

Weekend Healthy Breakfast Ideas Kate Hudson, Breakfast Ideas, Oatmeal, Healthy, Blog, The Oatmeal, Morning Tea Ideas, Blogging, Health

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It's true, breakfast is the most important meal - and also my favourite meal - of the day. I find that having a big, healthy breakfast, sets me up to enjoy my day and eat less crap! So, with that, here are some weekend, healthy breakfast ideas.

Some Things I Own From PrettyLittleThing Instagram Outfits, Instagram Fashion, Kate Hudson, Fashion Lookbook, Dressing Room, Pretty Little, Latest Fashion Trends, Style Guides, Street Style

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