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Whippet - Linocut Print

Jacqueline in a Flowery Straw Hat, Picasso. 1964. Picasso used a lot of lino prints to create his work and this is what give him kind of odd looking shapes within the figures he produces.

Jacqueline in a Flowery Straw Hat, Picasso. 1964 It's so cool to actually see the linoleum Picasso carved to make this beautiful ink print. *correction, this is not a linocut, but a carved terra cotta tile with black slip.

Printmaker - Stanley Donwood

The vibrant work of Stanley Donwood—the artist behind the album cover for Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief

The Twits, bought this for my boyfriend when he refused to shave during the world cup. He was not amused.

Roald Dahl voted teachers' favourite author

We all loved Roald Dahl, and more to the point the mad drawings by a man called Quentin Blake. I remember him being on Saturday Superstore, and saying the more scribbly the drawing the funnier it is.

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