Creating a Repeating Block Print Pattern by Andrea Lauren

Now that is what I call a busy and complex pattern! // William Morris-inspired repeating Block Print Pattern by Andrea Lauren

Andrea Leuren prints--see what other art I am loving at StuffDOT!

2 layer horse ink print -- Andrea Lauren ( "I am happy to be stepping away from the computer and carving this dala horse design this morning! Really enjoying these folk themes!

multi-block & reduction linocuts - perfect registration with ternes burton registration pins

Step by step multi-block and reduction linocut print how-to for perfect registration every time, with Ternes Burton registration pins.

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat)'s Instagram photos | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Feeling good starting the day with some printmaking! Here is the two-block hare design Andrea Lauren -

Good father ~ linocut print 8" x 7"

Good father ~ linocut print x