Wouldn't you wanna be like Zoe Sugg and eat icecream right now? Love her style as well, rocking Ray-Ban Clubround sunglasses.

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Zoella Lifestyle, Zoella Hair, Sugg Life, Joe Sugg, Girl Online, British Youtubers, Zoella Outfits, Zoella Clothes, Photoshoot Ideas

Love her curls

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zoesuggdaily: “ “Zoella: Aweeee, just sent me this picture of me & I love it ❤️ ” ”

Zoella | Treehouse Adventure

Treehouse Adventure

Absolutely go and get yourself a bottle of this! I absolutely adore @Zoella so please do my a big favor and check out her new Christmas range! #zoellabeauty #zoellasnowella

This isn't just any old winter wonderland this is the winter wonderland! So many gorgeous and lifestyle gifts to snap up this this scent is going straight to the top of our wishlist


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