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there are many different scenes in the same movie, and one is kissing another man
"That's the deal." Edit by TheSingingPterodactyl
a poster with the caption claudia brown
a man standing in the back of a pick up truck next to a giant creature
Primeval Photo: Primeval - Connor
a man laying on the ground next to a large dinosaur
Primeval Photo: Primeval
the dvd cover for primevall, with an image of two men and a woman
Primeval Series 5 [DVD]
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a woman with white hair holding a green and purple bird in her hands, while wearing a black leather jacket
Bring Back Primeval UK
a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes looking at something in the distance while standing next to some plants
Primeval Image: abby maitland
an angry bird is attacking another dinosaur on the road
a man leaning against the side of a car in front of a tree and water
two pictures of the same man and woman, one is looking at something while the other looks
Andrew Lee Potts fan
there is a collage of pictures with the words you are brilliant today
Jess and Becker Fan Art: Jess&Becker
a man in a leather jacket holding a knife
Bring Back Primeval UK
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Primeval Photo: Primeval - Abby and Connor