Loose parts play

driftwood and stones One of my favorite things to do up north is go to the beach at Peterson Park (there are A LOT of steps to go down to the beach) and fill bags with stones. The whole beach is rocks and stones. Carrying them up the steps is no fun tho.

Outdoor loose parts play

Learning at full capacity A playground of loose parts Teacher Tom Inspiration for using loose materials in the outdoor area.

let the children play: just add loose parts

Loose Parts play: Did you know that studies indicate that children actually prefer to play with stones, bricks, stumps, sand and other natural materials, rather than with carefully designed (by adults) playground equipment?

The Theory of Loose Parts

On your preschool and early childhood playground, or even in your back yard, it's important to supply items that are open ended - let the children play: theory of loose parts

loose parts play

loose parts play - keen to have some loose parts that the children can create their own structures from