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Here you will find most beautiful and attractive Shiva tattoo designs and ideas for your Shiva tattoos, Lord shiva beautiful tattoos and designs for men and women.

shiva and parvati - Lover Archetype with the divine energy flowing.

HE is my Shivji & I'm HIS Parvati! Through this WE depict divine love in physical form. I LOVE HIM, at a level of Soul, today & forever.

According to the ancient Vedas, Shiva cried tears of compassion for humanity and his tears became Rudraksha Seeds to assist humanity in our healing.

Rudraksha is the holy seed of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree commonly known as Rudraksha tree. The Rudraksha seeds have a very special place in Hindu religion as it is believed to have divine and mystical properties.

Barfaani baba....mahadev

Shiv Shiv Har Har Keep your blessing on us to have a clean heart and strong mind.

Lord Shiva?

Bhang or Ganja are extracts of a plant called Cannabis Sativa, also known as Marijuana or Cannabis or Weed or Pot in the western world.