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How to Make a Board Game Spinner at Home | eHow

Make a board game spinner from paper, thin cardboard and a paperclip. Upgrade it with a thicker pointer and spinner board.

The different types of Fallout players, though I think most players fall into at least three of these. I know I do.

The different types of Fallout players. I am the Hoarder, the Wasteland Knight, the Sunday Stroller, The Cartographer, and the Paranoid Saver.

every game in competitive mode when you're bronze | When we need a tank | hanzo players, too many snipers | overwatch meme funny humor #overwatchMeme

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It's already the most expensive, most preordered video game in history. In its two week live beta test, some 4.6 million players notched up 88 million completed missions. When Destiny launches itself upon consoles tomorrow, we're sure the records are going to keep tumbling.

Destiny- Created by Ron Guyatt Available for sale on Etsy. Also, check out the multitude of places you can find more of Ron’s work… Website