Ice cream advertisement.

Our elementary school had the bars and ice cream sandwiches. The trick with the Brown Mule was to carefully chew the chocolate from around the stick, and then slide the chocolate off in one piece.

Fab Ice Cream Sign

Fab Ice Cream Lolly Metal Diner Sign_D

Fab Lolly, Ice Cream Vintage Shop Kitchen Cafe Food Old, Small Metal/Tin Sign

Tastee-Freez signs

Tastee-Freez signs, we had no Dariy Queens in the area but Tastee Freeze was used for all mom and pop ice cream stands.

Black*Eiffel: Solar Power Pops

Kelli Anderson designed the infographics for a bright orange popsicle solar powered truck distributing free popsicles in New York City.

Blue Bunny SAILOR MOON Bar

Blue Bunny SAILOR MOON Bar - I'd chase the Ice Cream Man down for one of these when I was a kid.

Penguins ice cream.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Penguins Icecream! :D for fans of Penguins of Madagascar images.

Mister Softee

Frosty brings back memories of visiting my Grandma. After supper we would wait on her front porch for the truck to come.