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Understand place value in EYFS. But, for preschool, simply measuring the distance traveled. closest to the tube, furthest, etc.

Racing to understand place value in EYFS

Place value is a fundamental concept in our number system, but it tends to fall between the cracks until children reach KS1. In fact many c...

Target golf game. Easy to make, lots of fun. - good idea for some indoor winter fun!

"Un bloc per al professorat: recursos TIC, material didàctic, experiències educatives,..."

An amazing measurement unit for kindergarten with lots of hands-on activities and corresponding math journal entries.

Math Problem Solving: Measurement--Length

Inchworm, inchworm, Measuring the marigold. You and your arithmetic... You'll probably go far! So here is the beginning of my Kindergarten Measurement Unit. This is a fun unit, and that's a great thing, because we spend a lot of time on it! The unit is divided into 4 sections: length, surface area, weight and capacity. (We're also supposed to do temperature, but we cover that so much in science that we skip it in math). As with everything, we start out with lots and lots of hands-on…

Natural Playscape Ideas

Natural Play Space.

The last couple weekends, my husband has been putting quite a bit of work into the kids play fort/play area. It is really coming together w...

Play ‘Hidden Numbers’ to help children recognise numbers - this game will get your child to associate shapes with numbers for easy identification. Cut a small hole in an envelope, put a number in it so that only part of it shows, & the child has to guess what the number is. Does it have a lot of lines? Maybe it's a 1 or a 7. Does it have circles or loops? It could be 3, 5, or 8. (Could also be adapted to support shape recognition) (“,)

Hidden Numbers | Activity |

Play this hidden number game with your preschooler that will give her a leg up in learning numbers.

Might be a good activity for doubling


Ideeën voor rekenspellen groep 3 om zelf te maken. Splitshuisjes, dobbelstenen, geldrekenen, telrij oefenen, rekenen, dubbelen, spiegelen, sommen

Maths Investigation Area for Open-Ended Learning - The Imagination Tree

Maths Investigation Area for Open-Ended Learning - The Imagination Tree

Set up a specific area for playful maths investigations at home or at school, to encourage plenty of open-ended play with a range of everyday materials.

Exploring mosaics in nature    I was inspired by the way educators in this St. Louis school have set the stage for using materials in nature.

Creating Inviting Spaces

Quality home-based early learning programing serving East London, Ontario. Stimulating program for infants through to school age.

Gorgeous invitation to play (",)

Exploring Through Play

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