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Anatomy of a bone, showing blood cells
The organiser is from IKEA and is called 'Socker pot with holder'...use for…
Electrocardiogram- A test you take to monitor the hearts rhythm.
Anatomy and Physiology: Endocrine System | Nursing Crib
reading ECG | EKG Interpretation | ECG Reading | eNurse CarePlan
I have a decent background in human biology, but for some reason, the blood flow through the heart stumped me every time! A nice little visual for the A&P kids.
Infographic - Shots, shots, shots - EVERYBODY. But seriously, vaccinations are vital to preventing disease. This infographic answers all your what's and when's about immunizations and is a great aide in keeping you and your family healthy.
Pathogenesis of tumor lysis syndrome.
RN keep calm (was so easy to make!)
Nurse Nightingale: {ABGs} Arterial Blood Gases: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide. How to quickly assess your patient's ABGs. #nursingschool #RN #ABGs http://nursenightingale13.blogspot.com/