Seascape, fiber art.

Seascape - Absolutely gorgeous piece of art! Made by embellishing merino tops, silk bricks, ribbons and yarns onto a baby-wipe, then adding detail with hand embroidery and beads. by Su (Tiny Acorns) Harris.

Margaret Crowther - Tarantella Tapestry

Textile artist working mainly in sisal and paper yarns. Woven and constructed using original techniques, forms, abstract and figurative wall hangings and free standing sculptures.

Rosemarie Heber Koczÿ, Trees (1972) Hemp, sisal, linen, jute, raw silk, algae, and wool,

Textile Art by Rosemarie Heber Koczÿ - 'Trees', Hemp, sisal, linen, jute…

White birch trees - love this.

Textile Center Embroidery class: great use for embroidered pieces-use as book cover.

Wonderful use of colour and composition Julia Caprara

Julia Caprara Detail, Flying Dragon in the Heavens Wall hung textile, 2 x 1 metres x 39 in).

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood - Tracy Curtis - I aspire to one day make things this beautiful!

blue and yellow beads and embroidery

It reminds me of when I was a teenager and we did all kinds of embroidery, mostly all over our super ugly gym suits.

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