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Capsule pack 9 pieces   Change a few things and I like it

9 pieces x 9 outfits. Just a sampling of the hundreds of outfits you can make from the Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge capsule wardrobe! {A nice way to build a base wardrobe that you can embellish with expressive accessories!


with darker jeans and your boots and a solid colour scarf


Adding a layer to divide body into thirds is more flattering than dividing in half. Makes short legs look longer.

Tips for successful layering on the blog today!

Tips for successful layering on the blog today!

Stitch Fix:like the style and pattern of this top; as long as it isn't too flowy for thin frames. also, love that the straps are thick enough I don't need a jacket or sweater

Blouses are inspired in women´s activities out in a daily out the street, in the office, in their homes, in their houses proposing a variety of offers.