Cannibals with cutlery: The macabre nineteenth century Fijian forks used by tribesmen to eat the bodies of rival warriors

Cannibal Cutlery Fijian tribesmen used this macabre set of forks to eat the bodies of rival warriors. The pronged antiques date from the century when tribal chiefs devoured their enemies after.

Skeleton cutlery by Andre Lassen at Raven Armoury. - these would be great on a wall in the kitchen.of course depends on the style of the kitchen.

SEA-LIFE DINING SET - - Take your dining experience under the sea with this dining set designed to add a sense whimsy to the table. Silver plated with antiqued silver handles, the fork, spoon and knife bear a tentacle motif brought to fruition by a

Porcelain spoon, ceramic spoon, carved, asian soup spoon, serving spoon in white or antique white glazes