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瑠璃飴~天地人ゆかりの地の、歴史ある甘味~ - みつみつの台所~いとおしくおいしい毎日

Wagashi (Japanese sweets) Ruri-ame wagashi : Takahashi Magozaemon Shoten (Lasted more than 300 years, long-established Japanese confectionery shop) , Japan

Japanese Sweets for Tea Ceremony (Agar Jelly)

Japanese Sweets for Tea Ceremony (Agar Jelly) So many different designs. Beautifully made and precious looking, with gold flecks. Take pleasure in their existence, accept they won't be around forever!

Cool Party Idea....Cotton Candy on a Glow Stick - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Glowstick Cotton Candy Idea Glow stick cotton candy will boost up your next event and will make it look classy and unique! A simple glow stick placed inside your usual cotton candy gives a bright, neon

岐阜県にある和菓子屋つちやの「みずのいろ」が美しすぎて食べらない! - グノシー

岐阜県にある和菓子屋つちやの「みずのいろ」が美しすぎて食べらない! - グノシー

isomalt sea coral

How to Make Isomalt Sea Coral

Take your cakes up a notch with Isomalt sea coral. It& thrilling to recreate such a beautiful mysterious wonder in sugar.

細見美術館「志村ふくみ・志村洋子 作品展 しむらの色 KYOTO」展、そして「伊勢物語 八橋の景」を見に行ってきました! | 京都でお茶を

京都生菓子松彌「裂遊 」。Summer wagashi from 'Matsuya', Kyōto, Japan. ☆裂 (kiré) = scraps of ancient fabrics / 遊 (asobi) = to play with