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What I want in my future #1 a tattoo with my angle number or one that says love you more for my grandma   #2 have a big house that has my dream stuff in it and I want a lot of windows. All of the rest is in Pinterest Examples:   #3 have one older brother than a little sister then another little sister I want them to be 1 2 or 3 years apart not to much.Or twin girls or boy and a girl then later a little sister   #4 Have a job that makes a lot of money 1 Stylist 2 own a place 3 model #5 live in San Francisco for a little #6 I want to live different places and go on adventures before I come back home stay to have children in east Sacramento the fat 40s #7 I have names I like in slides because I made that a while ago #8 go to the same college with my best frie

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Fjords Of Norway. Hardangerfjorden

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a man and child are eating food at the table
loren hale
an unmade bed in a white room with two windows and a rug on the floor
a cross stitch cat holding a teddy bear
Diy Clothing, Clothes, Cute Outfits, Diy Clothes
a woman's lips with pink glitter on them and her tongue sticking out to the side
a pink phone case with a cat on it and a keychain next to it
iPhone 15 :3
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the flowers are blooming on the tree near the water's edge, with mountains in the background
Fjords Of Norway. Hardangerfjorden