book cover designed by Paul Rand 1956

"The Second Man" book jacket by American graphic designer Paul Rand photo via on cover book book cover covering

The Condemned of Altona cover by Paul Rand

The Condemned of Altona cover by Paul Rand A Paul Rand book paperback book cover design. The Condemned of Altona by Jean Paul Sartre.

Neville Brody's work for the disruption via @Gabiskandar

Gabrielle Iskandar on

Neville Brody Typography and photography Black and white The Typography and Photography stands out I picked this image because of the colour and the image looks very creative and it very good laid


David Carson- he uses the train station and adds the effect of the American flag while making it look like a streak

©David Carson

David Carson - for a typography based project, he is a perfect artist to study. A good way to get pupils to experiment with type is to copy it onto acetate, this allows for easy layering and experimentation without the use of a computer.

#IBM Quality Control Brochure by Paul #Rand

golddoesntshine: “ andrewromano: “ Paul Rand for IBM. Not so coincidentally, I bought a few Rand-designed Paul Valéry books from Mr. Williams at the Pop-Up Flea last week. See more from Williams’ IBM corporate.

Fontshop. Neville Brody.

This is a poster for fontshop by Neville Brody, the black on yellow design works well with the whole rusty theme of the poster.

Retrospettiva su David Carson - Michela Scaglia

Retrospettiva su David Carson - Michela Scaglia The bright blue colouring on this design and the weird braking apart shapes in the corners of the design make the design really eye catching and makes for a very interesting and different design.

Fantastic Vertigo advertisement,1958 by the one and only Saul Bass

From "Vertigo" to "The Shining," Saul Bass' movie posters remain some of the most iconic ever designed.

From "Corporate Diversity : Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy 1940 - 1970"

Neocid was another pesticide Geigy sold. Karl Gerstner’s poster is from 1953 and tells customers that Neocid is “A gate for house pests (via Geigy’s Stellar Graphic Design