book cover designed by Paul Rand 1956

Retro Poster Print Pop art poster They're packed. The Second Man book cover by Paul Rand: 1956 Photography inspiration Laughing out loud

The Condemned of Altona cover by Paul Rand

The Condemned of Altona cover by Paul Rand A Paul Rand book paperback book cover design. The Condemned of Altona by Jean Paul Sartre.

Neville Brody's work for the disruption via @Gabiskandar

Gabrielle Iskandar on

Neville Brody Typography and photography Black and white The Typography and Photography stands out I picked this image because of the colour and the image looks very creative and it very good laid


David Carson- he uses the train station and adds the effect of the American flag while making it look like a streak

©David Carson

David Carson - for a typography based project, he is a perfect artist to study. A good way to get pupils to experiment with type is to copy it onto acetate, this allows for easy layering and experimentation without the use of a computer.

Fontshop. Neville Brody.

This is a poster for fontshop by Neville Brody, the black on yellow design works well with the whole rusty theme of the poster.

#IBM Quality Control Brochure by Paul #Rand

golddoesntshine: “ andrewromano: “ Paul Rand for IBM. Not so coincidentally, I bought a few Rand-designed Paul Valéry books from Mr. Williams at the Pop-Up Flea last week. See more from Williams’ IBM corporate.

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