Badass Creativity // lollipop, pink lipstick, star shaped teal sunnies, that sweet haircut. i really love this illustration.

Black Fangirls Unite: The Little Girl with the World in Her Hair :) (Source: locd-lyfe, via beautifuldynamite) this would be cool in petites room

Excelentes trazos con tinta complementados con color, arquitectura inspiradora. Artista desconocido

Architectural perspective sketches with subtle water colour overlays have produced very successful details and elements to the paintings.

I like the contrast between the crowded city and the calm blue of the water.

Creative drawings by David Fleck. Most of the works are available as posters or t-shirt prints on


Creative designer, Chow Hon Lam, is also a tee shirt designer/illustrator from Malaysia. Chow just completed his personal project called Flying Mouse which creates 1 design a day, 365 designs a year.