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Very reminiscent of Dark Souls. Yes.

A Knight in Shining Armour is a man who has never had his metal fully tested!proud of all my scars! A real man is a battle tested warrior who needs no armour.

Omg. This would be the ultimate slap in the face. Finally didn't die from your journey up to this point. You fought undead, you conquered a mini boss. You even put down an invader. Out of estus flasks you slowly approach a corner, you see light and the comforting sound of crackling fire. Without hesitation you run up to rest and to take a moment of triumph...YOU DIED...tears

This would be the scariest thing if it was ever in dark souls! (Bonfire Mimic by Vempirick)

Dark Souls Black Iron Tarkus - 24x36 Print - the Iron Golem Poster, Dark Souls Game

Dark Souls Black Iron Tarkus - Print - the Iron Golem Poster, Dark Souls Game

What's your sign? Mine's Aquarius (12 Zodiac Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand)

What's your sign? Mine's Libra 12 Zodiac Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

Someone did a mash up of different enemies some are terrifying.The Real Dark Souls starts here - Imgur

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