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Made from cardboard.

DIY Cardboard furniture That doesn't look like it's made from cardboard! We've had some great posts on cardboard furniture you can buy that doesn't LOOK like cardboard, but most DIY options resemble the brown recyclable stuff.

Gorgeous recycled cardboard lamp shades

the possibilities are endless Gorgeous recycled cardboard lamp shades

BEAUTIFUL Bamboo Wall Mural - painted in 3 different sheens of the same green.

zen bedroom ideas zen room asian stencils los angeles by elephants on the wall zen bedroom ideas Zen Room asian stencils los a.

Work your woodwork - bambo wallpaper

Home is the UK's only TV channel dedicated to inspirational home and gardens programming.

how to make your own fabric paint

10 Paint Secrets: tips & tricks you never knew about paint (like how to make your own fabric paint: mix fabric 'textile medium' with any color acrylic paint and it instantly turns it into fabric paint).