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Hot quote tattoo for girls

a victim is just a stereotype. id like to consider us fighters -love the quote, don't like the placement or font

If there's a more perfect way to start the day, I haven't discovered it yet :)

barryyesnat: wait what’s morning sex? “A tray of toasted muffins appears along with a pot of coffee.” - hottest part of morning sex is always the magic muffins

It's too bad that you have never known love like this in your life. I was hoping you would believe in me..you..and us. Yes, it's weird starting over cuz of memories and possessions...but you get to create anything you want...

Fall in love with someone who knows how God would love you, fall in love with someone who always tells you the truth from their heart. Fall in love with someone who loves their self because of whom they are.because then they will know how to love you!

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Hey there, It’s Liz Leia, your inside woman, and I’m excited to post this article from Chelsea on how to give a special Valentine’s day gift. You can apply these gift giving princ…

tatoo dentelle cheville - Recherche Google

Ankles are visually enchanting, and with an ankle bracelet tattoos design, it would look even more delicate, creating interest among many. The legs have always…