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Amazing Architecture Amazing Mesh - Art Deco style design design office design and decoration interior design

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Aqua Tower, Illinois, Chicago / The different lengths of the floors sticking out along with the simple design makes it look like tide pools reminds me of the fun memories i had as a child at the beach.

light & shadow, fabulous architecture

WISA Wooden Design Hotel, Helsinki, Finland by Pieta-Linda Auttila “By bending the block I forced the slats into a new form that contrasts with the original arrangement.


Boat House Architecture in Jaipur The contrast is awesome, I really like the precision of the artists angles and lines Architecture [i]da ar.

This picture has a good balance. The most obvious symmetry in this picture is the two curved poles in the middle. however the people on the bottom are asymmetrical because theirs more on one side. Its not very obvious so the picture still has great balance.

This Richard Rogers design the building was innovative when built 20 years ago in having its services such as staircases, lifts, electrical power conduits and water pipes on the outside, leaving an uncluttered space inside.