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A huge list of things that are good to know about what works will actually be made in both artistic and graphic ways. This tells what happens and how to do it efficiently. It can be troublesome but very helpful more often than not.

Aizone Sagmeister & Walsh

Aizone Sagmeister & Walsh – Jessica says too much creative freedom can actually hinder the design process. She counters that creative freedom by setting constraints, such as only working in black and white or with only specific shapes to balance the proce

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Bauhaus Movement

Created by furniture store Aram, this infographic charts the fascinating history of the Bauhaus - Germany's famous design school, from its founding by Walter Gropius to its influence on the furniture of IKEA

MC :: The Bauhaus 'movement' has always appealed to me primarily because of its combining home and work in the one environment; it seems a simple solution to so many problems like decreased family interaction and increased urban sprawl. This image reminds me why I was drawn to the movement in the first place: commercialisation x aesthetic form + function

Bauhaus-style poster by Thomas Pena. The imagery is a simplified version of the Dessau branch of the Bauhaus School. The word "bauhaus" shows the 5 original weights of the typeface. A Bauhaus "D","G", and "Q" were used to create this logo.