Espaliers and fans

training trees and shrubs into flat forms. Annual pruning is essential
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an apple tree with white flowers growing on it's branches next to a fence
A Guide to Plant Types for Beginner Gardeners - from the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner
Fruit trees can be trained flat against a wall or fence, tying in the branches to a frame or trellis. Any branches jutting away from the wall or fence are pruned back. This is called an espalier and looks very attractive as well as being a practical space-saving solution.
an apple tree in the middle of a grassy field
Summer Pruning Apples and Pears
the steps to draw an eyeliner for beginners in adobe and photoshopped
Espaliered Fruit
a woman standing next to a small tree
Espalier and Fan-trained fruit trees for sale
2-year pot-grown Espalier and Fan-trained fruit trees
an archway in the middle of trees with fruit growing on it
Why space-saving 'Espalier' fruit trees are a perfect choice for small gardens
the diagram shows how many different types of trees are present in this image, and what is
How To Train a Fruit Tree
How To Train a Fruit Tree - Product range - Chepstow Garden Centre; fan training Victoria Plum
an apple tree with lots of fruit growing on it
A fruit tree is for life
a tree with white flowers in front of a brick wall
Fruit Tree Delivery Sizes & Training Shapes | Ashridge Advice
Espalier and Fan trained fruit trees
many red and green apples are stacked together
Pruning an Apple Tree
Learn how to prune your apple tree so you can reap a bountiful harvest.
white flowers are growing in front of a house
espaliered trees
informal style espalier.
a man standing next to a tree shaped like a cross in the middle of a field
Tree and Plant Nursery | Home | Moon Valley Nurseries
this is an evergreen that can be espalier....! yaupon holly espalier | ... | Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria 'Pride of Houston
a bench sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to a tree trunk
Fanned, espalier, cordon trees? Break the mould and try something different :-)
a white brick wall with vines growing on it
S-shaped espalier fruit trees
a red stop sign sitting in the middle of a field next to some bare trees
UBC Food Garden
a white fence with trees growing through it
COMBINATION style of espalier trees