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Workout motivation

You should never do anything today that you can’t do for the rest of your life. So, don't starve yourself or workout for insane amounts of time. Make gradual changes that you can stick with from here on out.

workout motivational posters

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Workout motivation

I don't have a personal trainer. All I have is that voice telling me that if I stop now I might never start again. GO & WORK OUT!

Going the distance... I’ve never run 8 miles and I really wasn’t sure I could. I set my alarm early so that I could fuel before it was time to run.

This is SO true. When im running and want to stop I go thru each part of my body to find out why. Nope breathings ok, legs? Nope they feel fine.Oh, yeah its my head . keep going!

i def need to try this. i freakin hate planks!!!

Getting Fit . Planking Tips, Exercise Planking, Core Exercise, Plank Help, Exercise Tips Planks are one of the best arm and stomach exercises!

Mental Tricks to Up Your Workout Motivation

Mental Tricks to Up Your Workout Motivation. Try it, says Dr. Michael, and it will change your life.