Stephen Wilkes photographed a side of Ellis Island that no one sees. Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom documents weather-beaten remnants of the immigration hub's abandoned buildings.

United Artists Theatre, #Detroit (from a gallery of images by Yves Marchand & Romaine Meffre)

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre (French, b. 1981 & United Artists Theater, 2005 ©Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

Sikorsky Helicopter Scrap Yard  Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2006

Sikorsky Helicopter Scrap Yard Tucson, Arizona, USA, Seriously, why can't man ever create earth friendly recycling ideas for their toys.

gerhard richter

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Gerhard RichterWork from Overpainted Photographs."A less well known aspect of the work of Gerhard Richter, the ‘overpainted photographs’ are not simply an

sven fennema

Forgotten Places

As German photographer Sven Fennema captures dilapidated castles, abandoned palaces and decayed churches.