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Even if it looks like i don't care i always will but its what i need to do to forget okay,just always remember this and its the truth no matter how i act.This will always be hear for you as a reminder because I know how you feel about your body and the way you look. So when you're feeling down or a little insecure just read this. Your body is beautiful and so are you, the way you move the way you smile the way you walk and the way you talk.The way you play with your hair when you're…

when a boy calls you hot, they look at your body. when a boy calls you pretty, they look at your face. when a boy calls you gorgeous, they look at your clothes. but when they call you beautiful, they see everything.

Some thing only your best friends will say to you. @Brooke Baird (Rane) Hayzelden @Sabrina Majeed Stigler @Nancy Macedone Sparks. I love you guys!

You are so beautiful, even if you think you aren't. You are worth it, even if you feel worthless. You are loved, even if you don't feel like. Because God created you and you are a beautiful, unique creation that is irreplaceable.