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cloud aesthetic | cre.ikeartt
تغريدة / Twitter
cloud aesthetic | cre.ikeartt
an aerial view of many different buildings with doors and windows on each side, including one building
oddviz creates virtual installations made of photogrammetric inventory of street objects
oddviz creates virtual installations made of photogrammetric inventory of street objects
two boxes are stacked on top of each other, one is broken and the other has shattered glass
Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shattered Sculptures
an open kitchen and dining area with brick walls, flooring and exposed ceiling beams
Sella Concept applies "cocoon of rich materials and colour" to offices
Sweet painting!
a hand holding a bunch of papers with the word coca - cola on it's side
Signed limited edition prints by the artist T.WAT along with many of his originals. All available to buy from Epoch Art Gallery.
there are three different shots of the same object
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of slinkachu
This is proof that great art is all around us, you just have to look for it… and try not to squish it with your shoe. London street artist Slinkachu has a series called Little People in which tiny ‘little hand-painted people are left in London to fend for themselves’.
a large glass case filled with lots of small white lights in the middle of a dark room
Des cubes d’architectures urbaines infinies
a large glass box sitting on top of a table
Mariele Neudecker Lecture Video
Mariele Neudecker - 'The Air We Breathe is Invisible'
a painting of yellow benches in the middle of a forest
j'adore trop
Apiculture by John Stark. #Bienen www.apidaecandles.de
a large blue painting hangs in the corner of a room with two chairs and a table
interiors - February/March 2015 - page136
interiors - February/March 2015 - Page 134-135
a woman standing in front of a drawing of boxing gloves
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Epic!!! CJ Hendry - Pen on Paper
an artistic image of a woman standing in the rain
Picture desk live: the best news pictures of the day
A white light art photograph of Jenni Parviainen lying in the stairwell of a house in Vantaa, Finland. Light photographer Janne Parviainen can spend up to half-an-hour tracing a LED finger torch around his house in Vantaa, Finland, for a single shot. He sometimes places his wife or himself in the scene for added eerie effect. Photograph: Janne Parviainen/Barcroft Media